sig mcx rattler

Like bourbon and barbecue, or bacon and more bacon, custom guns and classic cars just go good together. The first time you turn over a freshly rebuilt engine—the straight headers pounding your chest, pissing off neighbors and rattling garage doors—feels similar to pulling the trigger for the first time on a custom rifle built piece by piece under the buzzing fluorescent lights of your friend’s shop. Both situations are driven by the need to set yourself apart, to be different, to be unique. Some people get it; some people don’t.

(Michael has a background in graphic design and supplied David with custom vinyl stencils before becoming a full-time coater himself.) I think the results speak for themselves.

Their inspiration started, as with many things these days, with an internet search. “We both knew we wanted to do a cool muscle car color,” David said.

Trying to get as close as possible to the color base only on the photograph, the two used a mixture of Sky Blue, Robin’s Egg Blue, Zombie Green and Satin Aluminum to match the teal/turquoise. For highlights, they chose Satin Aluminum for the small parts and for the logos, and Hidden White for the rails. I have not seen the photo of the car they were working with, but based on these guns, I have to believe that it was probably rocking a white roof.

That New Gun Smell

In contrast, David and the crew at MAD Custom Coating went for a shiny new look. The smooth bright blue holds all the depth and perfection of a freshly restored classic. Watch your buddies closely on range day—a “door ding” would be tragic on this beauty.

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