Heckler & Koch’s P30L 15+1 9x19mm / 13+1 .40 S&W semi-automatic is popular for good reason: it combines a rich feature-set, reliability, double-stack capacity, packaging efficiency, lightweight polymer frame and modern styling. The P30L, which debuted in 2009, takes the standard P30 introduced in 2008 and fits a longer barrel and thus longer slide on the same frame. This improves accuracy since it gives a longer sight radius and more anti-muzzle-flip weight to the slide.

Actual dimensions start with the 4.45” barrel. Overall length is 7.71” and sight radius is 6.42”. The gun is 5.43” high and 1.37” wide. Rounding out some key metrics: height is 5.43”, maximum width is 1.37”, and weight is 27.5 ounces with the empty magazine inside.

The P30L comes standard in all matte black. It has an HE (hostile environment) ruggedized finish.

The P30 uses durable, steel body HK P30 magazines. The standard magazine for the .40 S&W variant is 13 rounds while it’s 15 rounds for the 9x19mm. Both also have a 10-round magazine available. Trigger pull is factory set to roughly 4.5 pounds for single-action and 11.5 for double-action.

The P30L has been designed for modularity. Thus, it has low-profile three white-dot sights dovetailed into the slide. The rear ramp sight has glare-cutting horizontal serrations in back. It’s drift adjustable and has a square notch cut. Front sights can be swapped out for elevation adjustments.

The P30L has slide releases on both left and right. Both the magazine release flaps flanking the bottom of the trigger guard are ambidextrous.

The P30L has a nice list of safety features including a disconnector, decocking lever, firing pin spring, drop safety, lock out device, loaded chamber indicator and firing pin block!

The machined slide is nicely done. It’s made of high-carbon steel and pared back along the front flanks. There are medium-width diagonal slide serrations in both front and back. The muzzle area is vertical with facets on either side. The rear of the slide has a slight forward lean, but it is nowhere near as pronounced as, say, on the HK45.

The cold hammer forged steel barrel features six-sided polygonal rifling with a 1 to 9.84” twist ratio.

The gun has a five-slot MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail integrated into the frame just below the recoil spring housing. The grip has three different modular backstraps and three pairs of grip panels that slide in and out for easy configuration for each operator’s preferences.

The grip itself has three finger recesses in front and corresponding downward accent curves on the grip panels. The grip has nice texturing on most surfaces.

Heckler & Koch is a German firm, and its US headquarters is in Columbus, Georgia